Friday, December 23, 2011

The Ultimate Gift

I have been thinking about my sign off message about being kind to someone else and about being grateful for something each day and I thought that I should share what I am grateful for and turn it into a thanksgiving. I heard a saying, I don't know now who it was that said it but it is none the less true. Gratitude is not thanksgiving until it is expressed. I realized that I was not expressing my gratitude here even though I was encouraging you to. So I am thankful for my family. This holiday season not all of our children will be able to come home from their respective homes so I am grateful for those who are able to make it home. I am especially thankful for having a baby in the house this Christmas. It seems that celebrating Jesus's birth is all the sweeter when there is a baby around to draw the point home. With out the birth of Jesus we would not have this holiday to celebrate. The ultimate gift was a baby, born to be with us and to die for us. I am most thankful for this gift.

This brings me to share with you a wonderful movie that I watched last evening with my family. It is called "The Ultimate Gift". It is not a Christmas movie even though it occurs over Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it is a movie that has become one of my favorites very quickly and I hope will be able to watch every Christmas season. If you have a chance to watch it please do.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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