Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love, thanksgiving, sharing?

Love, thanksgiving, sharing. What do these have in common? Do we exhibit these qualities frequently? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day that traditionally we get together and share a meal. How often in the busyness of cleaning the house, preparing the perfect meal, getting everything just right do we forget to be thankful for the opportunity to host or share in this celebration? Are we thankful that we have all these members of the family to feed? Are we thankful that we have a home in which to serve up this feast? Do we prepare everything with love? Do we greet our family and friends with love? I read a great post this morning from Biblical Homemaking about love and sacrifice.
It reminded me of showing love and mercy while serving. While sacrificing time, energy, provisions, our gifts and talents, do we do it to earn others admiration or do we do it out of love? This Thanksgiving, ask yourself am I doing this out of love? Or am I too caught up in proving something to someone that I forget the whole purpose of Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a celebration based on thanking God for providing food, shelter and friends that helped the first settlers, the Pilgrims, make it through their first winter and year here in America. The new beginnings for them and the great harvest that they had thanks to the new friends that helped them to adjust to their new homeland. We all need friends to help us survive the cold hard realities of life. Are we thankful for them everyday? Do we share what we have everyday along the way, as we have the ability? Do we love our neighbor as ourselves? Do we love ourselves enough to be able to love our neighbors? Do we offer our thanks giving to an awesome God continually? This world needs LOVE, that is acheived by being thankful for what we have, sharing what we have and giving of ourselves, showing mercy and forgiveness when we are done wrong. Love is a seed that when planted in the hearts of man will grow an abundant harvest of love. The seeds that we plant in the ground will grow that fruit, so it only makes sense that if we plant love, love will grow. What does your Thanksgiving look like? May God bless your celebration table with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. These are the fruits of love. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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