Thursday, November 1, 2012

Working hard or hardly working...

I know that from today's photo it looks like I didn't do much yesterday but that is not the case. I was working hard but I just don't have that much to show for it in tangible finished projects. I quilted on the surprise piece so you just have to take my word on that one. I did layer, baste and quilt 2 table runners and attached the bindings and was able to do the hand stitching on 1 of them. Here it is. You can even see the quilting motifs in it.
That is what took the most time, hand marking the quilting motifs. I will finish up the binding on the other one tonight most likely.

My tea water was whistling in the kettle so I now have a nice hot cup of tea to sip on while I finish up this post. I do have some photos of the most adorable trick or treaters that you could ever want to meet. Here is Avery as Dora the Explorer.
And Miss Piggy is Brianne.

Aren't they the most huggable little ones you have ever seen? Yes? No? The little ones nearest and dearest to our hearts are always the most precious. I know that there are lots of others out there too. I just might be a little bit proud of my grandbabies, who by the way I know are no longer babies but you understand....

Well, today I am going to be working away in the studio again and prehaps get out to town for some necessities and to stop by the bank.

Have a wonderful day and remember to pray for those who have been hit hard by the storm and try to find some way to help.


tina said...

OMG they are tooo cute. And soon you will have a new one to love.

Cindy said...

Yep our family is growing up and increasing in numbers. I can't wait to give them all some more lovings.