Monday, October 29, 2012

Recap of last week...

I will give you a little recap of last week's activities. The inn we stayed at is on the historic landmark registry and is very quaint.
The studio where we worked is behind the main inn. I didn't take any photos of the outside of the studio. I wasn't thinking again. Here are several pictures of our room. First off this is the porch.
Our room was rather unique in that you had to go upstairs and then outside a couple of steps onto an upper porch and into our room. It was a rather large yet cozy room.
The draw back was while you were working in the studio and you had to go to the restroom you had to go up and outside to your room everytime. Not a big deal, it was part of the exercise program for the week. LOL.
We did get a group shot at dinner our last evening.
The 2 ladies on the right joined us for dinner as they came early for their workshop the following week so they were not part of our group.
Here are some photos of the projects that the group did. You will notice that mine is not shown as it is a big surprise.
This is Tina with her project. She mastered eyes during the week. Her's is awesome. Linda's project was of her granddaughter and she used the machine method. She was able to start laying out her background also.
I love the photo that Catherine used for her project. It was of her daughter in a tunnel on a playground writing in a book, evidently a favorite place and past time of hers. It is turning out fabulous.
I am very sad that for some reason I did not get a photo of Liv's work. Tina did and she will get it to me soon so I can add it too. I hope you have enjoyed our work. It was very intense work but I think all of us enjoyed it and came out knowing so much more about layering values to create depth and realism to our pieces. Tina and I have decided to schedule play dates weekly, or there about, to experiment with these things that we have learned, to push our creativity a little further outside the box. We have come home energized to create more realistic and more artsy type works. We had a wonderful week. I am not sure how we will top this one next year but we will try.

Have a great day and do whatever it is you need to stay safe from the effects that we might get from Hurricaine Sandy and remember to pray for those who are closer in harms way, but do not live in fear. Our God knows where we are at all times and is ready to save us, all we have to do is call on Him and His angels will swoop down to save us.


tina said...

it went too fast. So much inspiration. Thanks for driving, Just realized that I was seeing trucks with generators, and support vehicles when we were on the thruway, and didnt realize why they were on the road till I got home and saw the news.

Cindy said...

It DID go too fast. I am so excited about all we learned and the fun we are going to have exploring new ideas. Can't wait for our first "artist's play date."