Thursday, November 15, 2012

STILL 2 more things on my list...

I still have those 2 journal covers to make but I did do something else yesterday that I am extremely proud of. It isn't quilted yet, I plan on doing that today, but it is to that point. Remember when I said I needed to be at the quilting step when I am low on energy, well, I was very low on energy on Tuesday and I never did get into the studio to work. So yesterday when I got to the quilting step I quit. This was for 2 reasons. I wanted time to think about quilting motifs that would be awesome and not just mediocre and I also wanted to give myself that quilting to do to get the energy flowing. Enough babbling and here is the photo.
This is for the online class I am taking. The second lesson was to create a quilt that depicted a mood and talked about using transparency as a means to create more depth and interest. I am pleased with it so far. The quilting will really bring the whole piece together. I am also contemplating adding another piece of fabric into the background blue area. I will have to play with that a little and see if it can be done now without messing the whole thing up. You know how something just bugs you and you can't quite figure out what it is? Well that is where I am right now. I really like the piece as it is but I know there is something that could make it that much better. I just have to figure it out. So we will have to see where it goes from here.

I have to run into town later today to make a bank deposit. I like deposits instead of the steady withdrawals that one has to make also have to stop at the pharmacy. So I am off to work now. Have a safe and wonderful day. Be prepared to change something that isn't working for you in your life. You will be surprised how that will lead to a new found peace and lightness to your step.

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