Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Only 2 more items left on my list...

Yesterday, I managed to get one more journal cover made and over a dozen bookmarks.
It took me most of the day as the techniques were rather time consuming. I have wanted to try Carol Ann Waugh's stupendeous stitching method and thought that the journal cover would be a good item to try it on. You use the preprogrammed decorative stitches that are available on your machine and different decorative threads to heavily embellish a plain quilt sandwich. It does take a lot of time stitching out these random lines and changing thread frequently but I really like the texture and interest that it gives to the piece. I wouldn't use this for a huge piece but for journal covers, pillow fronts and I even adapted it to the bookmarks it is a great way to add a lot of interest. It is also a great way to use up lots of odd threads that you don't use anymore or empty those bobbins that were left over from other projects so you can have some empty bobbins. My little pile of finished items doesn't look like much for one days work but it was all time intensive not difficult but time intensive.

I got two phone calls yesterday with requests to quilt 2 quilts before Christmas. I am at a good stage with all my other work that I said yes I could do them. So I will be getting one delivered today and maybe get it done soon and the other one I will work on after the craft sale Dec. 1. That will be it though. No more customer quilts for Christmas.

I sent my registration in for the Hawaii class yesterday. I looked up the supply list and it doesn't look like I need to take too much stuff with me so that is a bonus. I am excited to be able to mark off "taking an Esterita Austin workshop" off my bucket list. The class is on using your camera to create a good composition, using some computer editing etc. to create the pattern then translating that into a quilt. I am excited.

So that brings me back to what I need to finish up before the craft sale. I want to make 2 more journal covers and if I can get out and pick up a couple more sets of rings I will make some more casserole carriers but I believe I am in a good place right now that if I didn't get any of that done I would still have enough to create a nice table. So I might get a little fabric dyeing done between now and the holidays. The online dyeing class I am taking has been neglected badly. I have been reading the comments in the discussion forum but I haven't been able to do the actual dyeing past the first weeks lesson. So as you can see I am still quite busy even with all that I have gotten done. I have to get myself down to the studio so I can get to work.

So have a great day, make those to do lists, get things done as soon as possible and don't worry about what you can't get done. It will all come out in the wash anyways, (there is a subconscious thought), I have to do laundry today too. LOL...

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