Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Throw her in the basement and lock the door...

I was feeling a little threatened today. I made a good amount of progress and got excited when I had an idea of how I want to do the background of my project and then ladies in the group began to get a little hostile. There were threats of me being thrown into the basement and locked in. There were other threats of being held down so the others could whoop on me. LOL. I can't help it if I was smart and chose a project that didn't have eyes and ears and noses and hands and all those time consuming things. I certainly did not double my work by doing one that had 2 sets of eyes and noses and ears, etc., etc., etc. Here is me while I was cutting out one of my pieces.
I know you can't really see what I am working on but remember that I mentioned that it was a surprise. So I don't want to give it away. I am taking photos of the process so later I can share that with you.
This is Tina's work.
She made a lot of progress too so I don't know why she was doing the threatening that I mentioned earlier on. She is the one doing 2 people so she has 4 eyes, 2 noses, only 2 ears, 2 mouths. The eyes are the hard part. Olivia, another one of the students, spent all day doing her 2 eyes but remember how I said that you have 5 fabrics all converging in a space of about 1 square inch, well her's was more like 1/2 square inchof space. Very tiny and very difficult. She has them done now and tomorrow will be a better day.

At lunch time 4 of us took a walk up to a little diner about 1 mile up the road. It was very good and the walk did us a lot of good. I took several photos along the way. Isn't this little tree gorgeous in it autumn splendor?
Just a little further up the road was a little pond
and the ducks seemed to be enjoying it.
We felt so good after our walk that we thought we would be able to eat a full piece of dessert without a problem but when supper rolled around I know that I was still pretty full and although I ate my dinner I feel stuffed to the gills right now. When will I ever learn? Maybe I need to be locked in the basement during meal times so I don't overstuff myself. LOL.

Well, have a great day and remember to be kind to those who out pace you in the productivity department cause they just can't help it and don't harass those who are not as productive because sometimes they just need a little more time to get those eyes right.

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