Monday, October 22, 2012

First day of workshop...

Our first day of the workshop has been quite a learning experience. First of all, we started off our day with a wonderful breakfast. The breakfast special was poached eggs on english muffins topped with artichoke/cheese sauce and bacon or sausage. Wonderful. This put us in good shape to start our learning/work day. We headed over to the studio and had the beginning lecture on composition. We then got to see examples of what works and what doesn't, next we got out our photos and began to work on breaking down the different areas into the lights and shadows. Learning the process.

Lunch time rolled around before we knew it and Tina and I decided to take a short walk instead of eating a big lunch.
The foliage is just beautiful. We did stop at the area's famous hot dog truck and had a hot dog and shared some french fries.
After that we walked up another street and visited The Sewing Shop which was more a reupholstery shop although they do offer children's sewing lessons, and a pharmacy. I bought a new toy for hubby, I can't wait to give it to him as I don't think he has ever seen this one, I can't go into more detail about that right now. We then headed back to the studio and work again. We began playing with our fabrics at this time and the fun started. I don't have any photos of this step so far but I am sure that I will get some tomorrow.

Dinner was scrumptous, starting off with a wonderful spinach salad with almonds, cranberries, perhaps feta cheese, not sure about the type, and a very light and tasty lemon dressing. The main course was braised beef with gravy, tiny whole pototoes, and asparagus with a creamy sauce, dessert was carrot cake. So delicious. The average weight gain we have been told for a week long workshop here is 7 pounds. Last year I know I gained 10 pounds and never lost it and Tina said she gained 6, so this year we are trying to be careful about how much we splurge.

We are now trying to unwind a bit and get ourselves prepared for tomorrow, as I finish up this blog post Tina is hand stitching binding on a baby quilt. I also brought the t-shirt quilt to do the binding on. That is is for us this evening so have a great day and continue to learn new ways of doing old things so that you can add a little spice to your life. PS. Since the mornings are very hectic, this week I will be writing my daily blog post in the evening instead of the morning after. This will help me unwind before bedtime. I hope you enjoy.

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