Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eye, eye, eye, eye....

The word for today was eye, eye, eye. We learned how to stitch eyes today and so we tried to turn every eye word into a joke or play on words. The tricky part of creating and stitching an eye is that you are adding 5 different pieces of fabric, not counting your beginning flesh tone fabric in an area no larger than let's say your thumbprint. The stitching part is pretty quick as you only have to take a half a dozen or so stitches most times but you are doing this all in this space of like 1 square inch. So I felt very proud of myself that my project didn't require any eyes in it and Tina chose a project that required 4 eyes. Do the "eyes" have it for Tina? HaHa. I did do a practice eye just so that I knew if I ever needed to make any eyes I would be able to do it. Here is Tina working away on her project. "Eye" would say she looks pretty intense.
This is were she left off for the evening.

And this is part of my project. I can't show you too many pictures as this is a surprise for someone special and I don't want to give it away. I think this looks like bear claws. I am much further along than this but like "eye" said you won't see many photos of my project.

We laughed so hard at dinner. I thought the chef was going to ask us to take it outside and we were the only ones having dinner.

Tina and I had prepared little gift packets for the students and staff and we handed them out tonight. Each packet had 2 ice dyed fat quarters and a pair of dyed socks in them. For the hostess/retreat coordinator we also included a hand dyed and upcycled apron made out of a man's dress shirt donated by DH. Everyone was very appreciative.

We laugh some more and ate till we had to waddle out of the dining room. Now we are relaxing and preparing for tomorrow.

I hope you have a wonderful day and remember to laugh out loud, dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening. Be true to yourself and enjoy life.

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