Thursday, October 18, 2012

Major accomplishment done...

Well, yesterday, I managed to get the quilt done and off the frame. I had a little miscalculation which caused a little extra work but it is now done except for the hand stitching of the binding. As I worked my way across the quilt and got to the end I realized that I was about 2" to short on my backing. So I finished up quilting the side borders leaving the bottom border unquilted, took it off the frame, cut off the extra 2 1/2" of fabric at the top and sewed it to the bottom edge. I still had just enough backing fabric to finish quilting that border. Let me tell you, I used every bit of that mottled turquoise fabric I bought. I was hoping to have enough of it to bind the quilt in it but I ended up needing to use the lighter turquoise fabric. Anyway, the binding is stitched on and I can now do the hand work in the evenings while unwinding and watching TV. I changed my mind on the motifs I was going to use to quilt it. I started out with swirls and I was going to do the entire body of the quilt with them but I got a little bored with that so I divided up the quilt into 3 zones and I did swirls in the first section, added pebbles to the swirls in the 2nd section and then transitioned to just pebbles in the 3rd section. Can you see the progression in the photos?
This is the swirls only.
Here is where I added the pebbles to the swirls.
And here are the pebbles only.
And this is a portion of the back that had the swirls only. I had a lot of fun changing up the motifs and keeping track of what I was to quilt in each section. It made it more challenging and interesting than just doing the same thing all over the quilt.

I did not get a chance to clean up my studio yesterday. I did fold some of my hand dyed fabrics and started a pile to pack for the retreat. So I guess I made a little progress there. It looks like a tornado went through my studio right now. I have so much stuff out. Today it will get a good cleaning, hopefully. I do have an eye appointment this afternoon so my working time will be shortened quite a bit.

So today, clean, pack, I have several letters that I need to get mailed, eye appointment, find papers to take there, pick up some snacks for the trip, create gift packets for the other students and teacher, do some laundry in there sometime so that I can begin to pack my clothes suitcase. I have 2 days to do all of this so I am not too worried. It is a lot to do but I can get it done with the Lord's strength to help me. I can't even take my next breath without Him.

So off to work I go. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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