Monday, October 15, 2012

Does abscense make the heart grow fonder?

As you can see I took a full week off from blogging. Last week was a very busy week at least at the beginning and then I just didn't have the mental energy to tackle a blog post the rest of the week. I will give you a brief fill in of activities.

The weekend spent at MM's house was great. We worked hard on our respective projects and also a collective one. Wendy is going to be a first time grandma so we all made a 12" block to create a baby quilt for her to have at her house when the baby visits. I will be quilting it once Janet puts it together and MM offered to bind it. We also went on several road trips. We went to an apple orchard near MM's house and checked out all of their goodies. Next we went to one of the local quilt shops to help MM spend her gift certificate. We also went to see MM's 2 grandkids homes that they are renovating. So fun. I was not a very good reporter over the week end and didn't get any photos to share. I had planned on it but I just kept working away and didn't do it. This is one of the pieces that I worked on while there.
This was so much fun to do. It is a pattern that is being offered via by Laura Wasilowski. I plan on doing a few more in different themes. I love the hand embroidery work. Relaxing while you are watching TV. I did the hand work while watching Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman. I had most of the quilting done before leaving. The weekend ended on Monday after lunch. We packed up and headed home.

Tuesday, was treatment day for me so Mom Pratt and I headed to Pittsburgh early and spent the day doing all the waiting to get it over with. Fortunately, we were home by 4:30. Everything went well and I am good to go for another 6 weeks, well it is already down to 5 weeks. How is this year flying by so quickly?

Here are some photos of things that I managed to get done even with the decreased mental energy that lasted for several days after the treatment. I made this apron out of one of Jeff's old shirts that I dyed and upcycled.
I put together several table runners for the craft sale at out church. Last year people were asking me if I had any so I am going to make sure I have some this year.
I have another Christmas one started but still have to fuse everything down. Here are 2 that are more spring/summery.

I stillhave the stitching around the applique yet to do then layer them up and quilt away.

Tomorrow I will share with you the larger project that I had been working on over the weekend between going shopping with the kids, church and watching the football game with them. It was a great weekend.

So the question is did you miss me while I was lost from blog land? Sometimes I feel like I am here alone. Leave me some comments and let me know what you think. Thanks.

Have a great day and enjoy it.

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