Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Last T-shirt quilt for the year???

I promised to share with you what I was working on so diligently over the weekend. The last t-shirt quilt that I will be making for a customer this year. I have several other customer projects to finish up yet but this is the last start to finish t-shirt quilt. I did the prepping of them while I was at MM's for the weekend so I could get to the piecing this week. Here is the top. I couldn't get the whole thing in the photo due to its size.
It measures 87 X 96". The customer wanted turquoise or pink for borders. I found this beautiful mottled turquoise fabric at Joann Fabrics but of course there wasn't enough to use for the borders and backing so I added a little hot pink and lighter turquoise and used them all front and back. I pieced together a simple backing. I think it turned out really cool. What do you think?
I had 2 small pieces adding up to less than an eigth of a yard of that dark turquoise fabric left over. That is really close. I had planned on getting it on Lola's frame yesterday to start quilting but I didn't make it. I dyed some fabric for the online class I am taking and for the retreat next week.

I also took Georgie to the vet yesterday morning. Sunday evening before bedtime I noticed that she had a large mass under her neck. It would fill my cupped hand thats how large it was. It was basically the same when we got up in the morning so I called the vet. They were able to see us right away. Georgie did not seem to be bothered by it even so we got in the car and went to town. I am thankful that she enjoys riding in the car. At the vet's, he stuck a needle in the lump to see if he could withdraw anything, and he got a syringe full of blood. He felt she has a hematoma from some injury. Thinking back now, when I came back from MM's house and she greeted me last week, she was covered in mud around her neck and head. She probably injured it then and then did something else to aggravate the bleeding. He gave her an antibiotic shot to prevent an abscess and sent her home with antibiotics and steroids to take for the next 10 days. She is no worse for wear. She is doing fine and takes her pills fine if I wrap them in a slice of cheese.

So today's plan is to finish up some more dyeing, I didn't get the results that I needed in yesterday's attempts so a little more work there and I am going to get the quilt loaded and start working on it. This afternoon I will be running into town, without Georgie this time, to meet friends for margarita night, since Betsy is in town. My plans for the week have been altered a little but it is more important to allow for these changes and go with them instead of fighting them when people and relationships are involved. We can not be too busy to take the time to foster the relationships in our lives and to love our families and friends. So I am trusting the Lord that I will get everything done that needs done while also following His lead when He has something else that He needs me to do.

So I am off to get going on the days work and I hope you have a wonderful day and remember to take time to be there for friends.

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