Friday, August 31, 2012

Cleaning day...

The house needs a good going over to make it ready for Lindsey and Brie coming to visit. Since the t-shirt quilt is completely done, binding and all, I can spend the time cleaning up today. It shouldn't take too long as things have been given a good thorough cleaning for the dyeing workshops. I just need to run the vacuum and pick up items that are not in their proper home. Fix up the bedroom and put the pack 'n play in there for Brie to sleep in.

As I mentioned, I got the quilt done. It turned out very nice and believe it or not I got it done 1 month before the deadline. I will call L. this morning and let her know she can come pick it up. The other things on my to-do list from yesterday also got done. I called AFLAC and got the information I needed from then and I place an order for thread and it came to $168.00, can you believe that I needed that much thread? LOL. Perhaps need is not the correct word but I must say that I go through a lot of thread when I am quilting. Several weeks ago, I gave Tina a bag full of thread that just would not work well on either of my machines , so when I took out what I really can't use it revealed to me just what was really of value and useful to me. I could also see what I was getting low on. Same thing goes for our closets or our refrigerators. Do you know what I mean? You open up that closet door and look in, it is so full it looks like you have lots of options, that you have plenty of outfits, but if you are honest and take all of the things out that don't fit well, that are damaged in some way, or that you just don't feel comfortable in or don't like or that just don't fit your lifestyle, you are left with the real core of your wardrobe, those things that you love and feel great in. You realize that there is very little in there. The thing to realize is you were only using those main core pieces anyways. You might as well get rid of the items that you are never going to wear again. I had the opportunity last week to donate 2 bags of clothing to a family that had lost their home in a fire. How useful is a closet full of clothes that will never be worn, to me or someone else? If I continue to hold onto them for someday, then they are of no use today. If I can give these items to someone who, for example, has just lost everything then they are once again being useful. To me that is a win/win. The next time I go shopping rather than buying 3 new inexpensive shirts that are so so, what if I spent that same money on one really fabulous shirt that fit me well and my life style? The same thing with our refrigerators. I won't even walk through all the things that are lurking in the back growing a science project but when you open the door it looks like you have lots to eat. Just think about this, do we allow ourselves enough room in our lives to be open to something new? If our lives are so jam packed with stuff and activities then we don't have the ability to let something new take place. Let's let go of the old, the bad and the ugly and let ourselves breathe for awhile before filling it all up again. When you do replace something make sure it is beautiful, useful, and fits your lifestyle. More is not always better.

I hope you have a great day today and a safe and relaxing holiday weekend. Remember to let go of the old, the bad and the ugly and give yourself some room to breathe.

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tina said...

You are sooo right. It is hard to clear away the clutter, but when we decide what is important and useful to us it gets easier. Just like those people who clutter and disrupt our lives. Sometimes we need to weed out those that cause turmoil and drama in our lives and hold tight to those who help us to grow and become stronger. Thanks for being one of those keepers in my life. Love you.