Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barn block is painted...

Yesterday was a very productive day, even with the power outage that we had. I got the quilt loaded on Lola before the power went out. While we were without electricity, I read the rest of Diane Gaudynski's quilting book. Once we were back up and running I started to quilt. I had trouble with frequent thread breakage but I think I got that problem squared away. Jeff came home for lunch and we had soup and toasted cheese sandwiches with Lindsey's favorite kind of bread, multigrain Tuscany Bread. You can find it at Giant Eagle. I have to go there again today to pick up a refill on a script so I will get another loaf since she is coming home this weekend. I doubt that there will be any left though by the time she gets here. LOL.

I got my new glasses, they seem to be working fine. I think that I will have a lot less eye strain with these. They look nice too. I will have to get a photo soon, perhaps after I get my hair cut this morning. I can kill 2 birds with one stone that way. Another LOL..

I stopped by the clinic after picking up my glasses to visit for a while before heading over to Tina's to work on my barn block. I picked up some chicken nuggets and fries for our snack/dinner while working and then we got to work. I had decided to do a Mariner's Compass and got to work drafting it out while Tina helped Debbie get her's drafted out.
My design was large and quick to draft and paint so I finished that part and was able to bring it home with me. Here are the photos of the progression.

I still have to add the black Sharpie lines to cover up the wobblies and make it crisp. I will pick up a Sharpie today so I can do just that and then we can get it hung. Woo Hoo.

Here is one more photo of Brie and the caption that followed, it makes me say, "Yes, bring it on."
The caption read, I hope you're ready for us! Haha:)
We sure are ready, sweetie, have a safe trip here and we will see you soon.

Have a wonderful day. I am off to get that haircut and will be back in the studio to quilt up a storm.

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