Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The promised ice dyeing photos

Yesterday, I promised to post the photos of the fabrics from our ice dyeing experiment. I am so excited about how rich and vibrant the colors turned out to be. After I washed them and hung them on the line to take photos of them I thought that they turned out really nice but it wasn't until I spent the time ironing them and I got to really look at how the colors melded together did I get to see the real beauty. I am definitely going to be doing this again. I just love all the fabrics.

No further ado, here are the fabrics.
These 3 fabrics are Tina's. She used a heavy canvas piece which is the far left piece which took the dyes really well. The other 2 pieces are white on white scraps she had and you can see in the next photo the detail of how the white printed areas will not take the dyes. This is so pretty.

In the rest of the photos take time to note the differences in how they turned out. It depends on how they were scrunched or folded and how tight or loose they were. Also all of the rest of these fabrics are 50% cotton and 50% bamboo blend. They have a wonderfully soft hand and they accept the dyes beautifully.

A few tips to explain some of the variations in the fabrics. The tighter a piece was twisted or scrunched the more white that remains in the piece. The more solid pieces were on the bottom where all the dyes collected. The accordian folded piece was the most muted with vivid ends. The fabrics on the top layer had the most vivid colors. You can not control the results that you get other than how tightly you twist your fabrics, or what colors you apply. I feel that this was a very successful experiment in ice dyeing and I do plan on doing it again. I was very pleased. Now comes the fun part of delivering these to there owners. I hope to get to see the expressions on their faces when they open them up.

Now I have to get ready for another dyeing day with the Bethel Quilt group next month. I am definitely going to do this again. Have a great day. I am remembering a quote I heard somewhere, I am sorry I can't give credit to whomever said it, but it goes like this. Gratitude is not thankfullness until it is expressed. So be thankful today for all your blessings.

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Debbie said...

All the hand dyed material is so beautiful. Each piece turned out so diffrent and the colors are so vivid. I cant decide which one is mine!