Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photos of house after the party

I mentioned that I did a lot of work preparing for the dyeing party we had here on Saturday, but I never went in to what I did. Today, I want to share some of the photos of the simple changes I made that I think really make a difference in the cohesiveness of the place. I have been hit with the Pinterest bug and I love to see all the beautiful pictures that give me so much inspiration. I wanted to try my hand at creating some pretty displays and get some of my lovely pieces out of storage.

First of all I must say that these photos were taken after the party, so this is not exactly what everything looked like for the party, especially the back porch area.

Inside, the dining room had the most changes but they were all just in the accessories. This is my mother's china. I added in glassware and silver to the mix.
I like the sparkle that the glassware gives.

My favorite piece of furniture that I own is this dresser that has served many different storage functions in its life. My mother bought and refinished it many years ago and I always told her that I wanted that piece willed to me. I just love it.
It's purpose right now is a buffet to hold my table linens and quilted pieces. It has held bath towels and fabric stash along with storing my china in past lives. It is a beautiful and very versatile piece. The drawers are deep enough to hold just about anything and they are very sturdy. I love the warm golden patina and the carvings on the drawers. I have never even considered replacing the drawer pulls either. I think they are unique and very lovely. This piece sits under the window and between the 2 rows of floating shelves in the dining room and makes a great landing spot for food dishes during holiday meals when nothing else will fit on the table. I will never get rid of this piece.

This is the floating shelf arrangement on the right side of the buffet.
You can see a small wallhanging on the side wall.
I got it at the Amish auction in June. It was made by Tina's Aunt Linda. It might have to find another spot some day but for now I like it right there.

I do plan on removing that wallpaper border some day. I have another border that I would like to put up that has softer colors. There is a piece of it over my kitchen window. I am in love with it.
Don't you think that will be beautiful in my dining room in place of the other border? Also, how do you like my little chandelier over my kitchen sink. It was a $7.00 bargain I found several years ago at Lowe's. I wish I had a couple more like it to hang over my night stands in the bed room. Although that will be another post soon. They would need to have a beachy look to them. Check back to see how that makeover comes along.

I have one more photo to share in the dining room. The chandelier.
It was given to me by a quilting friend, thanks Charyn, she had it in her dining room. One year she hosted the Christmas party for our quilt group and I poked my mom and said "Look, her chandelier matches your china." Charyn gave me the chandelier after she redid her dining room and I love it. I do think I might add some bling to it with some crystals and glass bead chains. Another some day project.

Come back tomorrow to see how the back patio looks. Here I am sitting in my rather messy office writing this post and I should have taken my computer out to the patio and enjoyed the fresh air. I will do that tomorrow and as you read that post and enjoy the photos you can imagine me sitting there on that lovely patio. I have certainly been blessed. Thanks for sharing a little of my space I hope you have enjoyed. Please leave me any comments on what your favorites are or what you might like to try doing yourself.

Have a wonderful day and be thankful, as I am, for your many blessings.


Debbie said...

I really like your floating shelves! I might have to do that sometime at my house if you dont mind me stealing your idea.

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Thanks Debbie, I love my floating shelves. Jeff made them for me. I don't mind you stealing the idea as I am sure I stole the idea from someone else myself. I love rearranging my pretties on them.

Lindsey said...

Hey Mom,
The floating shelves look very nice! But I am scared to let Brie loose in that kitchen these days :) She is into everything nowadays :) Anyways, I have been reading your blog and I have really enjoyed it :) Love you!