Monday, June 11, 2012


Aloha everyone, we made it to Hawaii without a hitch. All the flights were on time, no bad weather, flights were smooth, luggage arrived when we did. Leaving the terminal in Honolulu we had to walk across this breezeway to go to baggage claim where we saw this proof that we had made it to our desired destination.

Rest assured we were not hijacked to some other country. (Not that I was ever concerned about that.) Our flight actually arrived 30 minutes early so Kate wasn't there yet. We met up with her after we picked up the rental car, a red Nissan Rogue. The rental person asked if we had a preference to what make SUV we would like and DH promptly asked which one was of color. I am sure the sales lady was thinking some strange thoughts. She said one was red and one was gray. So we took the red one, in case you don't know the story, I told DH the next time he was looking to get me a new vehicle I wanted one that was not gray, black, white or gold, it needed to be a car of color. Perhaps there will be a photo of us with it later in the week.

Once we met up with Kate she presented me with this beautiful lei. None for DH, she didn't think it would go with his sensibilities.

We made it back to Kate's apartment/townhouse. It is quite a beautiful neighborhood. Here is the front, I will have more pics of the courtyard, yes she has a courtyard, with her bountiful tub garden and the tree she saved from the black flies.

We are preparing for the activities of the day. It is early morning here but our bodies are still on EST which is like lunch time. So we will be getting out and about going around the island and seeing what we will want to check out during the week while Kate is at work. Kate has great plans for us while we are here.

Have a great day. Be thankful for technology that allows us to share these wonderful experiences just about as fast as we can experience them.

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