Thursday, June 14, 2012

How many different water sports are there???

Yesterday's adventure was all about seeing every kind of water sport you can possibly do. We went to Waikiki Beach and began at one end of the beach and walked to the other end enjoying the sand between our toes, the warm sun on our backs and the cool ocean breeze that cooled us off. Doesn't it sound so romantic? Well, the sand began to chaffe the feet in our sandals and it is definetly a hard work out for the legs to walk in sand, the sun was more than warm unless you were able to find a little shade along the way and the breeze at times was a bit chilling. Even so, by the time we made it to the pier at the end of our walk we (I) was drenched in sweat and ready for something cold and refreshing. It wasn't even 11:00 yet so we sat down at a table outside Cold Stone to wait for them to open. I got a Peanut Butter Cup Perfection in a waffle bowl and water and Jeff got a Creme de Menthe milk shake. We sat for about a half an hour enjoying the sweetness before heading on out again. Let me show you some photos of all the water sports and beaches. They have really beautiful parks too. This photo shows part of the miles of beaches.

Here is a really cool old tree along the way right on the edge of the beach. I love how they honored all these old trees when building the hotels and shops.

Here are a few pics taken while walking through the parks. This beautiful man made waterfall, with gorgeous landscaping.
This giant tree that is over a century old and home to a lot of pigeons. Lots of nooks and cranies to build nests and hide out in.

We came across this adorable statue of a boy surfing with a seal beside him surfing the wave each looking at each other.

Okay, on to the different water sports we saw being enjoyed. First of all we couldn't get a picture of the parasailers as they were too far away but that is one, also we did not see anyone out on jetski's but they are available for rent. They were probably out there were the parasailers were.

Closer to the beach were lots of things going on, of course you had lots of children running and playing, building sand castles. One little girl with floaties on her arms no more than 5, hands on her hips, yelling up 5-6 stories to 2 girls on a hotel balcony, asking them if they were going to be coming down, she yelled to them they better get down there then she trudged on up the beach a ways. It reminded me of Kate at that age when she wickedly smiled up at me, crouched down, ready to jump into the Stoneboro lake on the fish side. I have that photo of her in my bedroom and it makes me smile everytime I look at it. To think she is all grown up and living such an adventurous life here in Hawaii. I digress. Back to the water sports. I would like to give this one a try while here. Stand up paddle board. This guy was awesome. He made it look so easy. I did watch a woman the day before give it a try. It was her first time and she didn't have any problem so I am thinking I will see how I do.
Of course you can't be in Hawaii and not see some surfers. These guys and gals were just heading out to give it a go.

We watched some boagie boarders and got this great shot.

This was the oddest water activity that we saw. It is a giant tricycle like paddle boat, for a lack of a better name. Doesn't that look like a lot of fun?
Here are a couple more ways to enjoy the water without getting wet.

I hope you have enjoyed all the photos of how to enjoy a day at the beach. Lots to do and enjoy. I saw several things that I want to try out. But for yesterday we just swam in the ocean and laid in the sun after our walk along the beach. What a glorious day.

Hope you have a great day and remember to be thankful for the sunshine in your life.


tina said...

thanks for sharing your adventure with us, and the beautiful pics

Cindy said...

I am loving it. Glad you are enjoying the pictures.