Thursday, December 1, 2011

This week has been very busy so far and not just for me. Kate was to get her household shipment yesterday and move into her new townhome in Hawaii. Big kudoos to my baby girl for being self sufficient and stepping out into a new adventure all on her own. I am so proud of you Kate. Photos of her place will have to be gotten and shared as soon as they are available.

Yesterday, I started out my day by going and having my yearly mammogram done. All good with the girls. Then I stopped by Pat Catans and got some boxes for our cookie exchange we will be doing with the Prime Timers group next week. I didn't have time to finish my shopping while in Hermitage before heading back to Greenville for a visit there. (The mammogram and ultrasound took much longer than expected.) So I got to visit the folks at GMC and then had lunch with Tina at the Stone Arch. Yummy, grilled ham and swiss sandwich with homemade potato chips. I then headed home to change clothes and pick up my cleaning supplies and headed to Bill's apartment to clean. I spent about 2 1/2 hours cleaning up and organizing what I could. I took out 4 bags of garbage to the dumpster, cleared a pathway from the front door straight back to the bathroom, cleaned off the dinnette table, vaccumed the rug, and cleaned the bathroom. He has lots of books and papers that need to find a home so I want to find some bookcases and a small credenza or dresser that those could be stored in. I plan on going back next week especially if I can find some storage pieces to get those boxes emptied into to make more walking space.

I also got the Oriental wallhanging's hanging sleeve stitched down. It needs a lable yet. Today.
Here is a detail shot of the piece. The color in the geisha girl was added with thread work and Shiva paint sticks added the color and texture to the fan and her headpiece.

For today, I am going to finish the vintage tablecloth piece, bind, wash, and block it and get the fan on it so it can dry. That is my last big piece before the craft sale. I would like to make some faux leather baskets to take to the sale, and some small zippered pouches. Hopefully, I can get all of this done by Saturday morning. I also need to call Anita and see when she is going to go to set up her table. We have adjoining tables so that we can cover for each other during the sale. It will be nice to see her this weekend.

So that is what my day looks like. I hope you have a great day and do something unexpected for someone else.

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