Monday, October 24, 2011

Quilting at Greenville Arms 1889 Inn

Today started our class with Gloria Loughman at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops held at the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn. We are having a wonderful time getting immersed in learning how to create a landscape quilt. So far we have had a lesson in achieving a painted fabric to enhance our designs. We also have had a color theory lesson. Very informative. We have been busy creating our backgrounds today. Here is a shot of the studio with us busily at work.
This is just before dinner so some of us were beginning to get a little weary and took a break. We have a great space to spread out and work in and everyone is so generous with their help and encouragement.
Here is a quick shot of what I have gotten done today. I am cutting out my background diamonds for my sky background. I have approximately 50 cut out or so but have about 500 to go. It will take some time to get them all cut out and placed onto my background but I am hoping that it will be stunning when it is all done. I am working on a sunset over Tobacco Bay in Bermuda from my own idea of what the sunset would look like there so it may not be exactly true to a real sunset there but since I am the artist I can create what I want, right?!? I will try to post something everyday to document all the great fun that we are having here. By the way the food has been absolutely fabulous so far and from the reports that others who have been here before we will not lack for good food. Chef Mark LaPolla has amazed us with his Tilapia Almondine, chocolate creations, wonderful pancakes with cranberries for breakfast, and fresh baked still warm out of the oven chocolate chip cookies for an afternoon snack. Everything is so wonderful.

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