Friday, November 30, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day...

Well, there is little more to be done now except get organized for tomorrow. There isn't time to create anymore masterpieces, it is time to make sure everything is priced, that I have all the needed items for the sale and to look as professional and pulled together as possible. My job for today is to gather everything up that we need for our display tomorrow and to make sure all of my items are tagged and in good shape. Easy peasy.

Yesterday, I started out good in getting organized but got distracted pretty quickly. I organized all of my class notes from the dyeing to design class I am taking and put them all into a binder. I then got distracted by a project that I have been wanting to do all week. It is a pincushion/caddy. So I pulled out the supplies I needed and had it whipped up by lunch time. Here it is.
It turned out to be a lot larger than I thought it would but I really like it. It does require a lot of hand stitching to put it together but it goes together easily and quickly. You can store rotary cutters or scissors in the caddy and you have lots of room for lots of pins and needles. I think I am going to use this one in the living room for when I am stitching bindings on my quilts. I can put the spool of thread in the caddy part with my scissors and everything will stay all neat and tidy.

I hope to see many of my family and friends at the craft sale tomorrow at the Clarks Mills United Methodist Church, it is from 9AM to 3PM. The ladies make really good food for lunch so you can plan on making an event of it all. There are always fantastic vendors selling lots of great hand crafted items.

Have a great day.

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