Thursday, November 29, 2012

The process of a Mystery quilt ...

Yesterday I worked on the Mystery quilt that I started back in January and I am pleased to say that it is no longer an unsolved mystery. It turned out pretty awesome for not knowing what we were making at the time.
I love it when I can use up fabrics from my stash and not have to buy a thing to complete a project. For this mystery, we received directions on fabric requirements and the components to cut them into before we went to the retreat. At the retreat we received several sets of instructions over the course of the weekend with the steps to complete it. I am very pleased with how this turned out and like I said I didn't have to buy anything to finish it up. The quilt was just small enough that I was able to back it with a beautiful butterfly print 45" wide fabric from my stash.

It has all the colors that are in the front of the quilt and I had enough of the dark blue/green batik to bind it in. I used this stencil to mark out the quilting motifs and used bits and pieces from the stencil in the different squares, triangles and the border.
In the other areas I used continuous curve. This was not a super fast quilting job but I enjoyed it and am very pleased with the final product. I think this could be a great baby quilt or table topper.
You can see some more of the motifs in this detail shot of the quilt.
I finished the last stitch in the binding last night while watching a Castle marathon.

Well, today, I am going to go back into my studio and play for a while and maybe even clean it up. I would like to do some fabric dyeing but am not sure yet if that will fit into today's activities.

I hope that you will try to solve some of the mysteries of your projects by breaking them down into doable steps and keep at them till they are done. Have a wonderful day.

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