Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Prepared for the quilt presentation

Everything is prepared for the quilt presentation. I am excited about this presentation. I hope it goes well. I thought that I might have 2 totes of quilts to take to share but it is more like 3 plus a another bag.

I took some time to do some drawing exercises last evening. I am really amazed how these beginning exercises are proving to me that I can learn to draw and how well I can draw already. Really. I am amazed. Here are the photos of several exercises that I completed in the book. The first one doesn't look like much but it was to show how the left side of the brain gets in the way when the right side of the brain is needed to be engaged in the drawing process.
It is the vase/face optical illusion that we are familiar with. Not too impressive I admit. The exercise was to create mental confusion by trying to draw the matching line while using verbal cues such as forehead, eye, nose, upper lip, lower lip and chin. It is difficult to draw the line while repeating these words at the same time. The left and right side of the brain are competing with each other and signals get jammed. The exercise gives us the cues of how to switch from left brain to right brain function. More impressive is this next exercise. Drawing a line sketch upside down. Evidently doing this confuses the left brain and causes it to let the right side take over. Here are the 2 drawings that I did. My drawings are on the left side and the image that I was drawing is on the right. Here is the first
and the second drawing.
I wanted to show you the drawings in the upside down orientation but unfortunately the blog program flips them upright, but what I want you to see is how close these drawings are to the originals. Isn't that amazing? I was amazed when I flipped my book over to see the drawing in the right orientation. I am so eager now to work through this book and see just how much I improve. I don't know why I put off working through this book for so long. What other things do we tend to put off for far too long before we give it our attention? What would happen if we just stopped procrastinating and got what ever it was done? Is it possible that we would actually be pleased with the outcome like I was with these drawing exercises?

Don't forget that today is voting day. Don't put it off. Get out there and let your voice be heard. This is one of the priviledges that we have in this country. We have a voice in how we want our country to be run.

So have a great day and remember to just do ___________(fill in the blank) and do it as quickly as possible. Don't ever think that it won't do any good.

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Tina said...

This is so cool. I am looking forward to working thru this. I know that I wont be as good at it as you are, but if I improve from stick figures, I will be happy. Very cool that we need to allow our right brain to work instead of depending on our left brain. Thanks for trying and helping us to see that we have to try new things, even tho we might feel we arent any good at it. Have a good time at Prime Timers