Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Play day today...

Yesterdays quilt presentation at the Prime Timer's group was well received. I had a great time and I got lots of feedback from the group. I enjoyed myself and we had a great lunch too. It was fun but a lot of work too. Now comes the less than fun part of unpacking everything and putting it all away. I have to do that this morning so that I can be ready for Tina to come over for lunch and play day. We are going to get together once every week or 2 just to play with composition or color or whatever we decide to do. Today is our first play date and we are going to be working on a rabbit that Charlotte Warr Anderson put into our lesson packets from the retreat several weeks ago. I will go into that more tomorrow but for now I will let the anticipation build. This afternoon is all about fun.

The only thing that I will say about the elections is that I am so glad that the phone calls will finally stop.

I am off to clean house, put my quilts away and prepare lunch. Have a good day. I will be back with photos tomorrow.

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