Sunday, June 17, 2012

What we did Saturday...

We started out yesterday by going to the flea market held at the stadium. We didn't get any photos there but as you can imagine it was booth after booth of everything Hawaiian that you can imagine. Kate and I both got a wrap skirt that can be worn a zillion different ways. Lots of fun. We wore them after we went SUP (stand up paddle boarding) to the Mexican restaurant. We still have to spend some time playing with the different ways of tying them. Kate also bought a sarong. Jeff bought 2 Hawaiian shirts, one for day time and one for night time. I should have gotten a picture of him in his day time shirt yesterday. I will get it eventually. We also got some pineapple at one of the booths. Very refreshing when hot. Kate introduced me to a spice made from dried plums here called Li hing muy that they use on pineapple and other fruits. It is very good, I want to find some before we leave. It was pretty hot so once we had our fill of shopping we headed out to the North Shore. We stopped at Wendy's for lunch and then enjoyed the scenery on our drive.
We saw Chinaman's Hat.

This was the first time we saw this since being here. Hang-gliding.

Scenery along the waters edge.

A green sea turtle.
While Kate and I were SUP I saw a mother and baby sea turtle swimming past my board. That was awesome, we 3 also saw one swimming while we were on the beach.

On to the photos of Kate and I while SUP. We got our boards out into the water and proceeded to get on them.

To get accustomed to being upright we got our balance first on our knees.

And now standing. I didn't have any trouble standing and balancing, although we had to go under a bridge where we had to duck and that required additional balancing skills but again not a big deal.

Heading back to the starting point we ran into pretty choppy water and even though we could remain standing without problems we ended up sitting down on the boards because with the head wind and choppy water we couldn't make any progress getting back to shore. It is a good whole body work out as you have to use your core muscles to maintain your balance and arms to paddle. It was also a lot of fun. One more thing marked off my bucket list. Well actually more than one. 1. SUP 2. Saw sea turtles in their natural habitat 3. We also saw a rainbow on our way home.

Today we are planning on going snorkling and this evening we are attending a luau. Another full day and lots of fun ahead.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Just enjoyed your blog and all those gorgeous pictures! And you cool is that! So glad you are having such a good time.

Cindy said...

Thanks, I have been having such a great time.