Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hike to Manoa Falls

We got a rather late start yesterday in getting out of the house. I did up a couple loads of laundry after finishing my post here, so we didn't leave for our hike until around noon. Fortunately the hike was through the rain forest to Manoa Falls. It was a good 10 degrees cooler there even though the humidity was higher. It is a beautiful hike surrounded by lush green foliage topped with exoctic flowers here and there. We could here birds singing but other than that it was pretty quiet. I think I will let the photos tell the rest of the story as they do a much better job than I can.

This hike and these photos as inspiration have given me a desire and the idea to put together a beautiful lush green island oasis flower bed in the side yard when I get home with a stacked stone statuary to top it all off. I can't wait to get started. "Hey honey can you haul me in a couple truck loads of top soil? I have some work I need help with." We will see just how far I get with this.

I hope and pray that you have a wonderful and lusciously full day. Remember to be thankful for your homes and all God has placed in your life.


Meghan said...

I have a great "recipe" for easy personalized cement stepping stones. If you want some help, AV and I can always ditch Mike for a few days ;)

Cindy said...

That would be great Meghan. I am working on this flower bed and the stepping stones would be a great addition to it. I you want to come back up here I am sure we could find lots of fun stuff to do.