Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Venetian tile quilt done

I finished quilting my first customer's quilt.  Venetian tile.  I had a lot of fun quilting it.  I repeated several different motifs in the center of the octogans done in purple thread.  In the small diamonds I did a melon motif around the seams.  In the peach half octagons I did the same motif, melons around the seams with a curly-cue in the centers of the wedges.  The focus fabric outside border has a meandering leaf pattern done in a peach color.  The outside black border has a scalloped swag pattern with feathered plumes on the inside and at the upper points a heart motif.   The black borders around the octogans where outlined 1/4" inside in black.  It turned out well I think,  I hope that when Jan comes to pick it up that she likes it. 

Photos to follow. 

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