Thursday, January 7, 2010


I was beginning to get a little panicky around here thinking about everything I need/want to do and so yesterday I just decided to sit down and quilt for a while. This is the stack and whack quilt that I have to quilt. Six hours later I said enough and looked at how much I got done  and guess what, I have about 3/4 of the center quilted.  I have 12 more of the blocks to quilt and   the outside borders.   I stitched around all th black gridwork and then did various quilting motifs in the          

I discovered a new blog that has fast become one of my favorites.  The link is included.  The blog is about machine quilting and the premise is 365 free motion filler designs.  Leah Day is the owner.  She has an online store and is extremely talented, and busy.   She has motivated me so much to get at everything that I want to accomplish and don't let excuses get in my way.  One of the reasons I got so far with my quilting yesterday.  I ordered her Ultimate Quilting Kit- it includes Machingers quilting gloves, The Supreme Slider and Magic Bobbin Washers.  They arrived yesterday and so I put them to a good work out.  No couch potatoes around here.  If you show up at my doorstep I am going to put you to work.  Kidding aside.  These products are wonderful and really helped moving that quilt around under that machine.  I  think that the stitch quality was better too.   I also used many of her ideas for fillers for the blocks and it was so easy to get 24 of those blocks done.

So, I hope that you will check out her blog and store.  I am off to see what other fun things I can get into.

Have fun and remember to keep the peace.


Cindy said...

I am sorry I forgot to give you the link to Leah Day's blog.
It is

Quiltsmiles said...

Beautiful quilt. Can't wait until you get it totally done but am really loving it.