Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Office reorganization

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2013 is to move forward. What do I mean by that? Simply to do whatever the next step(s) is or are to move forward rather than to sit back and to let whatever happen happen. On a personal level that means to actively pursue those activities that will help me grow, be ready and prepared for whatever challenges I might face. One way that I can do that is to get myself and all the household stuff organized. So I joined the New Year's Organizing Revolution Challenge. This week's challenge was to organize some area of our office. You know that area that becomes the paper pile up center. I confess I had to start this early to accommodate my travel plans but I did manage to get this area under control. I am pleased with the efficiency and pleasure I have found in being able once again to work in this space without the stress of seeing every thing I needed to do glaring at me every time I sat down to blog or spend some time on the Internet.

This photo is what I saw everytime I passed the door to my office. What a mess. I never wanted to enter the room.
My office also doubles as a guest room on occasion unfortunately the day bed gets over run with clutter and is not inviting.
This area also becomes a clutter gathering spot
and because of all the clutter in front of the closet I couldn't get into it to put things away or to retrieve things when needed.
The top of my filing cabinet also became a heap of clutter.
This stand is where most of the work waited to be organized. This is all the papers that needed sorted, filed and dealt with in some manner
along with the run over onto my desk. This was just the pile on the left side of the desk.
Here is the pile on the right side, this is the pile that required immediate attention, such as bills and other items.
Now the day bed is pretty and functional.
I can get into my closet and I was even able to find some space to store some of those things that were sitting on the floor that did not have a home.
I made the top of my file cabinet my grandma's brag station. I have photos of my grand-daughters there and will be able to add some of my grandson as soon as he decides it is time to join us.
This is a shot of my desk. I have done some more editing of it since this photo was taken.
This stack of papers is what was left with that needed to be sorted and filed, many of the items where things that needed to be entered into the corresponding computer files. This is part of the organizing process that you won't see much change in except that the paper trail either got shredded or filed as appropriate once I dealt with them. They have all been dealt with, finally.
Here at my desk I now see that I need to do some additional organizing of the cork board. It is amazing what you see in a photo that you don't notice in person.
I like what I see as I pass the doorway of my office now.
My inbox is cleaned out and all that is on my list is this organizing challenge.
I hope that you have enjoyed seeing what I was able to accomplish in my office. This has been long over due and I plan not to let my office get to the before stage again. I know that with the health issues that I had been dealing with that I let everything else that seemed challenging go and I can't allow myself to get so far behind with my office work again. This new year will be the year of keeping up with all the hard stuff. If I can deal with tough health issues I can deal with clutter.


Shelly said...

Wow! Great job! I love your grandma brag station and the daybed really is lovely. I can tell that you worked really hard to get organized for this project.

Shannon said...

You did a great job reclaiming the space and still keeping it your own.

Your Holiness Queen Tatahana said...

Great job don't you just breathe easier when the clutter is gone?

Lindsey said...

Beautiful wallpaper

Cindy said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. Lindsey, my walls are not wallpapered. It is hand painted using a cardboard stencil to draw the shape and hand painting the lines. Each wall took me a full day of painting the design. I followed a tutorial from jonesdesigncompany.com. It was a lot of fun doing even though it was time intensive.