Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chautauqua show photos

As promised here are photos of the Chautauqua Show. Did you notice that I checked the spelling for today's post. I had been spelling Chautauqua wrong all last week.

Here goes. We started off the day witnessing a rainbow. What a nice sign from heaven that we would have a nice day, and it was.

We stopped at Erie to have breakfast where I was going to get a picture of the group together but by that time I forgot all about photo ops. On to the show pictures.
This room was divided up into smaller themed displays. Check out the pink valance topper that unified all of the displays into one larger display.
Who invited the ants to the picnic? This quilt reminds me of one that I made years ago that had ants carrying away the food. Cute.
Who let the fox in the hen house? Tina has made this quilt before, and she even has another one of the fox blocks done to make another one. Let's see it Tina. Bring it on.
Are you crazy enough to make a miniture quilt like this one? The hexagons are only 1/4". Tiny. This was beautifully framed under glass.
This is a gorgeous floral applique wall hanging and quilted beautifully.
Lovely kimono quilt.
The oriental booth. Tea is served.
This is what the men do that get drug along to a quilt show. Male bonding.
Super effective thread painting. I want to do this someday.
The different birds in this quilt are uber cute.
This quilt was beautifully quilted. I studied it for a good long while.
I love the dog in this landscape. He belongs there.
Such a pretty tree on this pieced background.

That is it for photos. I hope you have a wonderful day and remember to enjoy the fall days. It will soon be snowing and this year I am looking forward to that as I have plans to do some snow dyeing. I did not take any photos at the vendors booths but we saw some beautiful snow/ice dyed fabrics at one booth and they were selling for $28-$30+ a yard depending on type of fabric was used. So until the snow flies enjoy the fall season.

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