Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo rich post...

I will let the photos tell the story today with just a little explanation of them when needed. As I mentioned in Tuesday's post we went to visit Michael, Meghan and Avery. They were wanting us to visit them before Jeff has to go back to work next week. Can you believe that school is back in session. Our school doesn't start until after Labor Day but the faculty starts back next week. So this was our last chance to get out to their place for a visit.
As soon as we got there, this sweet little angel, saw me and ran straight at me crying "Nana, nana." jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest squeeze ever. We played for several hours and then we headed out to a Mexican restaurant. Here we have some photos of that trip.
AV with mommy.

This is one thing that we have in common, we do love our chips and salsa.
I think the excitement finally caught up with her as she fell asleep while eating, don't worry though, she finished off her salsa.
What a good daddy.
Papa and AV sitting on the ledge. She had just woken up. Not sure about where she was. (or perhaps who she was with?)
After I took this picture of her, I asked her what she thought about it and she studied it for a few seconds and said, "That's bad." LOL.
Papa and AV all cozy on the couch, she was getting ready to help him with his puzzle.
Papa pushing AV in her car going to the park.
AV climbing in the tunnel.
Being pushed by daddy on the swings.
The second evening we were there we went to Kobe's Japanese Steak House. Here is AV on the way to the restaurant.

She sure put the food away at this meal. Here she is eating a piece of sushi that she speared and ate like a lollipop. Anyone want a sushi-pop?

She ate her entire bowl of rice and her shrimp with her own set of chopsticks.
They make training chopsticks by rolling up the wrapper that they come in, wrap a small rubberband around the chopsticks at the end, placing the rolled wrapper between the two sticks and then placing another rubber band on the very end. Very ingeneous. This way the sticks stay together and you just squeeze to pick up something and then when you release them they open. So clever.

We played blocks, tag, hide 'n seek. She has a Leap Pad that we played a game on and also drew pictures on.

Some of my favorite moments: "Nana, I really love you." "Nana, will you be my friend?" "Tag you're it." "Nana, I really miss you."

We had a wonderful time and we made some great memories. Meghan posted on FB just after we left that Avery turned to her and said, "Mommy, I really miss Nana and Papa." Awww, how my heart breaks that I can't see her more often. She is such a sweetheart.

Have a wonderful day and when ever you can make memories because that's what makes your life full and rich not the material possessions that you own.


tina said...

so great that you both could spend time with the whole family. you are truely blessed.

Cindy said...

We are blessed. We had a wonderful time.