Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Joy in a clean office/guest room

I want to share what I was able to get accomplished yesterday. I had a really good day as far as energy level and mental clarity working together and was able to get my office/guest room all cleaned up and organized. Here are some before pictures along with the after pics so you can see for yourself what I got done. The first photo here is what you would see if you stood in the doorway looking into my office.

And here is the same view after I got it cleaned up.

Now as you are in the room here is the desk. Before

And after

The guest bed Before:

And after:

Here is the closet/floor area Before:

And after:

There is still lots to be done to get the room just how I would love it to be not just like it to be but that can be done as I go along. I noticed in the photos how underneath the bed is dark and forboding. I would like to get a box pleated bed skirt, either make one or purchase one for the bed. I also need to finish decluttering some of my supplies and books. The most important thing is that I can use the space again without dreading my time spent in the room.

Have a great day and remember to be thankful for something today that you have failed to see before as a good thing.
I am thankful for my clean office, especially my desk where I can sit comfortably and write this.

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