Saturday, October 9, 2010

Revised list

I am revising my list a bit. After sleeping on it overnight I know that I will not use the scarf or the belt. So I am going to swap those things out for another pair of casual shoes and a t-shirt. I am also going to switch out the red and brown skirt for a plain brown skirt. Everything else will stay the same. I am now off to my closet to make those changes and to get the rest of my shoes packed away. My 3 months will begin on Monday, Oct. 11. (Just in case I need to do a little more tweeking before I start.)

This is my closet now that I have eliminated everything that is not part of Project 333.
In the small drawers are my undergarments and my socks. 
 You can see my 3 pair of shoes in the cubbies.  The tennis shoes I only wear to work. 
 These are my clothes for non work hours. I can get everything hung up on hangers and still have room.

 These are my scrubs for work.  I did eliminate about 6 tops that were summery and my white pants.  I don't need those going into winter in Pennsylvania.
 On the shelves, the top left are my casual tops, on the left are my work t-shirts that I can wear with my scrubs.  Those I am not counting in my 33 items.  On the bottom shelf on the left are my yoga workout cloths along with bicycle shorts.  I don't know that I will need them but since they don't count and we still might get some nice days this fall to ride, I didn't want to miss out on the chance. To the right on the bottom shelf are my jammies.  On the floor are my casual boots and my dressy boots.
These are my long hanging items.  One dress, one skirt and a sweater set-dressy for Christmas. 

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