Sunday, October 17, 2010

Project 333 and packing

Well, here is an update on how packing and traveling using the Project 333 wardrobe went.  We were going to Annapolis, Md, this past weekend for my husband's 30'th year class reunion from the Naval Academy.  We would be gone 3 days and nights, so what to pack and how quickly did I get packed.  Well, several things played into figuring that out.  We would be going to dinner one night with friends so I wanted something a little dressier than jeans, we would be going to the football game/tailgait/reunion festivities on Saturday so wanted jeans for that day and the weather was on the cooler side with possibility of being windy, in which case it could get cold. 
Packing didn't take too long, 1. my khaki jeans, 2 my blue jeans, 3 dressy khaki pinstripe pants 4. orange boucle jacket 5. 2 tshirts 6. coral mock turtleneck sleeveless knit top 7.  beige beaded neckline knit top
8.  Navy mom sweatshirt.  It didn't take long to pack but even so I still took too much.  Not knowing what the weather would be like and the fact that we were driving and not flying I felt I could take the extra stuff. 

I ended up not wearing the dress slacks because I never had time to go back to get changed for our dinner out with our friends, but I feel like I still showed up looking dressed up enough not to feel out of place.  I wore my khaki jeans, the coral/orangish top with my orange jacket. 
For the game I wore my blue jeans, my husband had bought us special tshirts for the occasion and I didn't even need any of the ones I brought. 

Today for the trip home I wore my khaki jeans again with the beige top and orange jacket.

Once I got home it took me a whole 5 minutes to unpack and put everything away or in the laundry basket.

Reflection:  I took too much stuff.  I couldn't make up my mind what I would need while gone so therefore put in things that really didn't make sense for what I really was going to be doing.  I never pack so much when I travel but I do know that I take things that I never use.  I will have to think about that more the next time I travel. 

While gone my daughter and I did go shopping but rather than look at a bunch of stuff that would be extraneous, I got a couple of new bras and spent the time to get good fitting ones and looked for a really versatile LBD but I didn't fin d one that I felt would be me, so I opted to wait until I find the perfect one for me. 

So that was it for the weekend, one great time and little fuss. 

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