Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Think outside the box

We are encouraged to think outside the box when we are creating art, and when it comes to organizing all of out quilting supplies we need to stop and think about what it is that we need before we go out and spend a lot of money on all kinds of things that are supposed to make it easier to get and stay organized.  Well, I have a thread storage issue and I have been thinking about getting some sort of small chest of drawers that would hold my extensive thread collection.   I wanted something with shallow drawers so that the thread could be single layer, and also that would accomodate the thin spools as well as the larger cones of thread.   I also wanted to be able to put it underneath my counter top in my studio where I use to have the cheap plastic storage drawer units.  The space measured 33" wide x 35" tall. 

This is what I found . 

As you can see, it fits into the space perfectly.   The five drawers get progressively deeper so that I can have the right place to store all the threads that I have.

Here is the top drawer.  Check out the dividers that keep the thread from rolling all around when you open and close the drawer.

Second drawer.

Look how neat and tidy this is.

Third drawer:

These are heavier weight variegated threads on the left and cones of polyester and rayon threads on the right side. 

Fourth drawer:

These are larger cones of Superior Bottom Line and serger cones, along with some other odds and ends that will find new homes later on as I need the space for more threads.

The bottom drawer:

I have put my machine quilting stencils, books marking tools and supplies in this drawer.  This small chest really is the perfect piece for getting some mega organization and it is really sturdy.  The drawers open and close smoothly, no sticking drawers. 

I found this little beauty at the AAA Antique Mall in Ravena, Oh.  It is off of Interstate 76.  Fun little place to spend several hours roaming around. 

So don't forget to look at pieces that you might already have in your home with fresh eyes and think outside the box in how you use them.  Even though this is a dining room side board it works perfectly for my needs in my quilting studio. 

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