Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Allow for the unexpected

Well, yesterday I got some bad news while at work which has prompted me to stop and think what can I do to help. I am a nurse and I had a call from one of our patients , long story short, her 2 year old daughter had a brain tumor removed on New Years Day. It is cancerous and momma wanted to know if our clinic would allow them to put out a jar for donations to help them out since both her and her husband will have to miss a lot of work to care for their precious little girl. I directed her in the right direction and immediately started thinking about what I could do to help them out with expenses. I decided that I could make a quilt that could then be raffled off and all the proceeds could go to them. I checked with my boss to see if it would be permitted to display the quilt and sell raffle tickets for it at the medical center. I have a tenative yes and so I have started to make the decisions of what I want to make and I started to buy some fabric for it today. I want to also make a smaller version of the quilt to also give to them along with the money that is raised for them. I had another quilt prepared to start quilting on since before Christmas that I want to finish for myself but it will have to just wait a little while longer since this is too important to put off.

I want this quilt to be rather quick to complete but I also want it to be complex enough that it will generate lots of interest in buying a ticket to try to win it. I want it to be bright, beautiful and represent life and hope.

My reason for the title of this post. Allow for the unexpected. Allow time, allow resources, allow finances, allow creative ideas to flow to problem solve and allow yourself to put aside somethings for a short time to allow yourself to help someone else that is in need. Allow yourself to be thankful for the many blessings that you have and be willing to share what you can.

Be an answer to a problem, do what you can. It won't necessarily answer the entire need but if everyone would do what they can do to solve the problem instead of thinking about what they can't do, the problem will get solved.

I am going to do what I can and I am going to do the best that I can while doing that and the rest is up to God to take care of.

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